Monday, April 4, 2011

Closed Minded Fans

The metal fan base seems to be one of the most closed minded subcultures in music and possibly modern human civilization. Yet at the same time strangely open minded at the same time. Wait...what?

You will see (some) metal heads talking about how its all about the music and they aren't judgmental or anything of that sort. You can then mention how you enjoy a deathcore/metalcore band a minute later and they will be calling you a faggot and telling you how shitty your taste is.

It is called personal taste for a reason ya know? I, and others, don't have to like [Insert Band Name Here] as much as you do, or even at all if we don't want to. And while I don't really listen to much Deathcore, and fewer and fewer Metalcore bands are added to my iPod as time goes on, I still cannot stand to see how the metal community consistently shits on these bands or people who enjoy them. Do you have to like As Blood Runs Black, or All Shall Perish? Not at all, like what you want I don't care. But do you have to be such a dick about not liking those kind of bands? ...No.

There is so much negativity and bad mouthing that goes on within this group that just browsing forums sometimes makes me remember why I never really sought out people who enjoy metal. No one wants to be friends with a bunch of elitist poo flinging assholes who are butthurt over other people's musical preferences.
Oh well I doubt this is going to change anytime soon, if ever. Carry on.


muz said...

Haha agree to a tee! Although, luckily I don't have any metal fan friends, but I definitely see the elitism floating around on the internet. It's like, seriously who the fuck cares, you like "x" band? Great, they make music that appeals to you. I may not get into it, but that's my perogative. One shouldn't be put down because they don't think *insert band here* is as "br00tul" or "kvlt" as you do. People are just dumb-bums though. Hence why I put in my "I like what I like regardless if it's shit to you, deal with it" haha

Thomas said...

Yeah! And the thing is I actually enjoy looking on forums/blogs and reading people's opinions on bands/genres/albums but most people try to just shove that opinion down your throat or trash talk you for having a different opinion. Even worse are those who try to pass off their opinion as FACT like what they say is just how it is.

The world would be a boring place if everyone had the same opinions.