Saturday, July 23, 2011

Sleep Aid

Sometimes I listen to music when I go to bed. Now I usually listen hoping that I'll fall asleep, but it really depends on what is playing. If I listen to metal I will most likely lay there listening intently and it will actually keep me awake.

Post Rock is actually something I fall asleep to very easily! Not because its boring though. Its more likely that its because the music is often soft, and transe like. Here are a few tracks that help me get some shut eye:

This is the Sad Mafioso... movement of Godspeed You Black Emperor's song East Hastings from their album F# A# (Infinity). This specific movement is one of my favorites on the album and the majority of the first half of the song is very quiet with a dark atmosphere. The guitar(s) are calm and this specific movement is a slow build up to an explosion of heavier rock. The double bass drumming is a really nice touch and the riffs are unforgettable especially near the end. The rest of the album also follows the same pattern of quiet hypnotic build ups to a crescendo.

Ef is a Post Rock band from Gothenburg, Sweden. The entire album Mourning Golden Morning is relatively calm and while there are build ups like in GYBE's music this group doesnt really have the strange electronic bits that pepper the other album. Instead this band goes for more tradition rock using just instruments. Its an album that has a very sorrowful tone to it at times, especially in Longing For Colours.

Mogwai's album is like a mix of the two others I've mentioned. Specifically this track makes me think of times past with my ex, for whatever reason. Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will is much like Ef a very mesmerizing listen and calm enough to not keep me awake all night.

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