Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My soundtrack to Halloween!

Since Halloween is coming up I thought I'd make a post of a number of bands that I like who fit the holiday. After all this is probably the most metal holiday of the year (not counting trying to shop for people on Christmas Eve which is pure torture and brutal to the max!).

Here are a few songs by bands I listen to who set me in the mood for Halloween:

Impaled - Death After Life - Mondo Medicale

A concept album about the band members being medical students doing experiments (that often go wrong) on their fellow professor and students trying to bring the dead back to life. Along with that medically homicidal lyrics Impaled mimic Carcass in their Heartwork era of sound. Expect Death Metal with a nice amount of melody included.

Ghoul - Splatterthrash - Splatterthrash

Formed by members of Impaled, Ghoul is what you get if you were to mix old school Crossover Thrash with Death Metal. Splatterthrash is a concept album telling the story of the band members (mutants from Creepsylvania) fighting a Cult intent on their demise. The lyrics and story are done in a comic book horror kind of way and the music itself is probably the most fun you will have listening to Death Metal.

The Devil Wears Prada - Zombie EP - Survivor

Ok not the most metal band but their last few releases have shown improvement. TDWP actually make pretty decent Metalcore these days. And who wouldn't like an EP where all the songs are about human survivors of a zombie apocalypse? There are some nice sound bytes throughout the album that keep the end of the world type atmosphere going too.

Entombed - Left Hand Path - Left Hand Path

Just listen to the song! Whether its the scream at the start, the creepy music near the middle or the lyrics about some sort of satanism this song is perfect!

Eucharist - Mirroworlds - Demons

Great old school melodic death metal. Like Left Hand Path, Demons starts with the sounds of a stormy night, bells ringing, and growling dogs/wolves. The song itself has a sort of menacing feel to it.


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