Sunday, May 8, 2011

One of the new Arch Enemy songs

So I took a listen to one of the new Arch Enemy songs being streamed online iver at Metal Sucks and have to say I'm not all that impressed. The song is called Blood Stained Cross from the soon to be released album Khaos Legions (really?). The band is so far removed from their old school sound which I enjoy so much, and Angela Gossow's vocals doesnt help sway my interest in the newer releases. Though the music itself isnt too bad but it doesnt blow my mind either.


muz said...

I remember I listened to the album that had "Dead Eyes See No Future" on it and thought it was okay (I wasn't much into the heavy heavy stuff back then) but haven't heard anything since. Perhaps I should try that album again.

Thomas said...

Yeh I did a review for Doomsday Machine which I got for free from my aunt and I just can't stand the vocals/lyrics. Musically its not too bad though and I'm a fan of their old school stuff with their last vocalist.