Sunday, January 30, 2011

Deja vu!

Its happened to us all before: you're listening to some new music or band and to your suprise the song sounds oh so familiar! Then you realize that you have heard that riff somewhere before.

It might bother some, others couldn't give a damn. Its almost like a guessing game isn't it? Well at least it can be anyways. I always find it interesting to see who guitarists rip off or show who influenced them.

This time Heaven Shall Burn is guilty. Who are they guilty of copying? Carcass, and more specifically a riff taken from the song This Mortal Coil off of Heartwork. Now after listening to This Mortal Coil check out Like A Thousand Suns off of the Heaven Shall Burn album Iconoclast.

This Mortal Coil:

You can hear it 20 seconds in.

Now Like A Thousand Suns:

You can hear it at 30 seconds in for about 25 seconds.

Sure as always it might be a coincidence and there is a very slight difference but seeing as they play in the same genre I think its just a little too obvious!

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