Thursday, March 24, 2011

Christianity, Islam, and Metal

I read a blog post today on the blog Full Metal Attorney that had to do with Islam in metal. The blogger came to the conclusion that the anti-religious bands who continue to bad mouth Christianity but won't touch Islam with a 10 foot pole are either idiots or cowards. I have to say I completely agree with him.

Let's admit it! For all the bullshit bands like to spout about Christianity being dangerous and brainwashing and all that other garbage, Christianity isn't nearly as dangerous as Islam has and continues to be in our modern times. Sure people like to point to the crusades and other abuses by the church and those who took advantage of followers of Christianity to further their own personal agendas. Ok yeah I admit it was bad and there is no excuse but these things happened how many years ago now? Hundreds? The West has progressed and religion no longer affects what nations we go to war with. You don't see Christians going to Muslim countries to blow people up do you?

This whole thing came to a head for me a few weeks ago when I read a post on Metal Archives about a Kuwaiti metal band. In their post (it was a sort of promotional post by members of the band) they discussed different facets of the band. They made mention of a song I believe about how christianity is dangerous. I made a post asking how is it that they live in a region that houses one of the most violent religions of our time yet they are still picking on Christianity? Apparently the guy who writes the lyrics isn't even a Muslim and said he/they dislike all religions. But still, they don't have the balls to write lyrics about their dislike for all religions, including Islam, and just go ahead with everyone's favorite whipping boy Christianity.

So why not more bands ragging on Islam? Are they scared of the backlash they would receive from Muslims? I thought metal was cool about everyone speaking your minds about how you feel about politics and religion? Apparently its a yes unless you don't want to piss off the wrong people. Honestly this whole cherry picking of what religion(s) to pick on (ok we can take out the s because it isn't plural, christianity is it) is pretty pathetic. Its been around 30 years since bands started trashing christians. Its no longer edgy or shocking. No christians don't really give a shit if you don't like us and make it known in your music. I'm a christian myself and I listen to plenty of satanic/anti-christian metal so its obviously isn't doing its job anymore. In fact I'm sure most christian metalheads don't take your lyrics seriously whether you mean them to be or not.

I would love to see some bands who have the guts to speak out against Islam instead of railing against Christianity...again. Cause really ladies and gents, its just getting old. If you really hate ALL religions like most anti-religious bands say they do then start showing it. Otherwise you are as the guy from FMA said, cowards who are too scared to offend Islamic peoples.

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