Monday, March 21, 2011

Enjoying the softer side

So I've been listening to The Dillinger Escape Plan (Ire Works) and Between the Buried and Me (The Great Misdirect) a lot these last few days. I'm finding it a little amusing that off of each of these albums their slower songs are leaving more of an impact on me than the rest of the tracks. Of course that isn't to say the rest of the songs are bad but Desert of Song by BtBaM and Mouth of Ghosts both stick out like a sore thumb on their respective albums, and not in a bad way.

Maybe it's because they seem like they are out of place? Well considering the two bands it's hard to say any form/style of music is out of place. They both have no problem having multiple styles both inside and out of the extreme music genre in their albums and sometimes even songs. Especially BtBaM.

Mouth of Ghosts starts out with a piano and some soft moody drumming. The bass is also very present. The guitars come in shortly playing clear notes. The song is basically building and building but the mood never breaks, and it's a sort of melancholy sort of atmosphere that brings to mind sitting outside on a rainy day. It is a soft enough track that it could have gotten radio play but it is still so spastic, especially the drumming (which is awesome), that I'm not sure how the mainstream audience would feel about it. It sort of maintains the dissonance but the ending is really catchy and heavier than the rest of the song.

Then we have Between the Buried and Me's song Desert of Song. This one also has a sort of sad tinge about it. But in a different way than Dillinger's track which is about a breakup. This song is a bit deeper lyrically. Seems to be about music being outlawed or something of the sort so people go to the desert which is the only place where they can't be found by those trying to stop them. The song has a very blues/country sound to it. Giles does vocals as usual but he is also joined by someone else from the band who has a deeper more bassy voice than his. Overall if you were to mix Pink Floyd with a country artist this sounds like what the outcome would be. There are also some slight musical build ups here and there and a nice little solo.

I have to admit I'm enjoying Dillinger more than BtBaM at the moment, they are a trip!

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